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Wow. check out that old pic! One of the first I CGed when trying to get a good feel of Ryuko, and the relationship between she and her fathers. It's still so very amazing I've stuck with a project this long. I mean, WOW! It's been quite a ride, and not only for me, which is why this celebration doesn't belong to me alone, it's for the fans, old and new.

2nd of November 2004, will mark the first year anniverary of the GRAVITY site and doujin. To celebrate, we're holding a fan art and fan fic contest. The two winners will have the opportunity to choose a few Gravity or Gravitation pics by me (just gotta track some of my older ones down, if they still exist! :P), but best yet I draw and mail off whatever it is they'd like.

There are several rules, so here goes:

~Open NOW. Entries close 2nd December 2004.

~Judging will be determined by voting, open to anyone, for a period of TWO weeks. Sam will NOT be voting.

~NO HENTAI OR LEMONS! (not that we have anything against them, we all know what Sam's like...this is just to put everyone on a level playing field).

~Fan fic can be any length.

~Fan art can be any medium.

~Fics and art are not expected to be of the OCs, they can be of ANYONE within the Gravity universe, this of course includes the original Gravitation cast, living or deceased.

~Limitted to 2 entries to each category.

~If you change your mind about an entry, and wish to submit something else in its place, you're allowed, as long as its BEFORE the closing date.

~Submit your entry either by e-mailing to Sam (, posting it on the forum (the anniversary thread) or posting it on the itsgravity community).

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